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First I was reluctant reading Rethink God. Another book proposing same old ideologies from a new perspective to persuade you with the author's own beliefs. But I was wrong.
Let me start with what enjoyed the most, which I rarely find in books like these. There was a story. One that kept me turning pages, wanting to know what happens next. Of course, the big reveal in the end ties in with the book's subject about God, but this aspect alone made the book much more readable and exciting.
Then there were the 'debates' which range from strictly scientific to openly flawed with human emotion, and the need to believe in certain things. I can't remember the last time I've learned so much about the subject that I hadn't previously known about. The book is packed with ideas, I found myself googling and researching. I learned a lot.
Finally, do I agree with everything? No. And I think that was the author's message. It's a debate that points more at the faults in perspectives than agreeing with one side.
In a time where most of us are stubbornly one-sided with our opinions and won't even listen to the other's side of the story, I found Rethink God to be a breeze of fresh air, giving me the tools to 'rethink' the subject on my own terms.
I hope to read more of this author.

Cameron Jace

I have read many books about wether god exists or not, and have found all of them to be biased towards the preset point of view of the author. What Bahi did with this book was very refreshing and original. It is obvious that he did a ton of research and dug very deep in many topics starting from evolution, to the nature of right and wrong. While these are very heavy topics, Bahi has managed to keep the book very readable and easy to follow. He used this research in a surprisingly fair manner to serve both sides of the story, leaving it to the reader to make up their mind. The cherry on the cake is that this whole debate was wrapped in a gripping story of two friends, involving faithfulness, murder, and......OK I don't want to be a spoiler, long story short, I LOVED IT. super page turner.

Ibadan Man

Such a great book that handles very critical issues from a very different perspective, which makes you re-think about lots of things you previously took for granted!

Brian Hudson