The book

In today's world many think science and philosophy have proven the impossibility of God's existence. Many believe the religion they follow is God's untouched message to humanity. Most of books addressing the question of "Does God Exist?" come from one of these two angles. Typically such books aim at offering all possible evidence supporting a single view on the topic.
Rethink God is the outcome of years of research into the topic with the sole purpose of avoiding faulty input from both camps. Following nothing but philosophical and scientific questioning, many gaps in the logic of the two opposing camps can be filled; gaps that their dominating dogmas and arrogance have created. These are research topics covered in Rethink God:

The problem of evil: Investigating the philosophical argument that questions the co-existence of evil with an omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent God.

The first cause argument: Investigating the philosophical argument that builds on the need for a cause for everything to the necessity of God as the first cause for the universe.

 The Universe: Exploring the need for a creator through the universe's different stages starting from the big bang to the formation of galaxies, stars and habitable planets.

Life: Exploring the need for a creator through evaluating different theories of the origin of life followed by evolution of species. This section also investigates the possibility of understanding consciousness within the boundaries of the physical world.

Religion: Exploring the origins and evolution of religion since ancient times, including the possible transitions between polytheism and monotheism. This section also investigates what is wrong with religion and what role it should be playing and what roles it shouldn't.

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