About The Author

A few years ago, a life-changing event occurred to one random person out of the billions walking this earth with the condition we refer to as life. It made him question everything including this for granted, yet mysterious state. It drove him to a novel deep necessity to have an answer to the big God question. He needed to know if there is more meaning to our whole existence than a chain of physical and chemical events. He opened his Pandora’s box. Seeking answers, he went for the most prominent books from the opposing views on the topic. This approach seemed like the perfect solution for his problem. These books mostly follow the same scheme, providing a clear-cut answer to the big question “Does God Exist?” as the title on the book’s cover, followed by hundreds of pages defending the author’s point of view. Despite the opposing views offered, the end goal of such books is to convince the reader with an ultimate truth that everyone should adopt. After reading dozens of such celebrated works, they served not the purpose he or their authors sought in them. He gained knowledge, yet felt not a grain of comfort to join one side or the other. He decided to look for his answer out of written pages.


He travelled the corners of the world talking to philosophers and scientists, materialists and mystics, commoners and elites, promoters of religion and antagonists of divinity. He found various truths, and oftentimes he felt lost. He experienced joy, content, despair and fatigue. He almost starved once, lost on a hike seeking a Buddhist monk on top of a mountain in Nepal. The conversation was worth it though. A year and a half passed. He reached not the answer he sought at the beginning of his journey. Yet, looking at the horizon out of book pages opened his eyes to a profound realization.


He realized how far most people—including himself—who sought an answer were from reaching a truth, how wrong the whole common approach was. He saw clearly how that approach was full of abuse of the problematic God-religion link and the domination of the two rigid camps over the topic. He understood how these two issues made today’s debates and literature on the topic of God so missing, so far from complete. For serving its purpose, the erroneous God-religion link is typically utilized—if not even considered the foundation—to serve the arguments for or against God. With the aim to prove one camp’s point of view, objectivity is most definitely compromised if not completely dismissed. By having a pre-set end goal, so much wisdom that doesn’t serve this goal is completely oversighted.


He decided to embark on the final stage of his journey. One that is destined to reach his answer through the road that took long to find. He would go through every aspect of the topic visited before in a new-born light, following not the steps of those who were led astray. He would put every piece of knowledge he captured from his studies, every fragment of wisdom he gained from his travels and conversations into this research. This person is the author and the outcome of his years of research is the Rethink God book. As many of the ideas in Rethink God can't be tolerated by most people in his world, he had to conceal his identity and publish the book under a pseudonym.