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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite:

"Rethink God is a non-fiction book focusing on spiritual and religious concepts and was penned by author Nadiez Bahi. It is a complex work with a long and well thought out reasoning; the work focuses on the central question as to whether God exists or not. As we strive to answer this question for ourselves, the author explores ideas from science, philosophy, and atheist reasoning, and puts these alongside ideas of extreme religious enthusiasm and the search for definitive proof. What results is an informative and critical look at both extremes of thought on the existence of God, and one which allows us as a reader to find our own path amongst the myriad of ideas and search for our own truth.

Author Nadiez Bahi offers a work that is truly like nothing I have ever read on the topic of religion, faith, and God. As someone who is not particularly religious, the exploration element of the work gave me plenty of space to have my own opinions without being preached to. But the beauty of the work is in this freedom because the narrative style encourages you to question the information presented as well as your own assumptions, and I did form new opinions of my own beliefs during the reading experience. Bahi’s prose is level, unbiased, and clear in its presentation of different ideas, building to a powerful central conclusion that offers great insight towards the central question. Overall, I would recommend Rethink God to readers who are curious about religion and faith and would like to read more without being lectured."

Foreword Clarion Reviews (Rating: 4 out of 5)           

"Rethink God is an engaging novel about spiritual discovery that includes a vision of two possible futures: one marked by a spirituality unencumbered by doctrine and dogma, and the other a shocking example of the disastrous alternative."

"Nadiez Bahi’s suspenseful novel, Rethink God, explores the question of the existence of God against a background of murder, mystery, and the search for a missing man.

In the multilayered story, based on true events in Bahi’s life, two unlikely friends—Sherif, a young Egyptian ex-Muslim, and Christian, an older, worldly Austrian agnostic—undertake a rigorous quest to answer the biggest question of all: Does God exist? After meeting in a bar in Lagos, Nigeria, the men bond over their mutual curiosity, intellect, and enjoyment of life.

Christian later asks Sherif to join him in his research on God’s existence, and the younger man agrees, with the condition that Christian aid him in locating his missing brother. Located in different parts of the world, and often traveling, they decide to communicate their progress via a chat application. What they do not know at the outset is that each of them has a troubled, mysterious backstory that makes what appears to be a purely intellectual pursuit a matter of life and death.

The application conversation is a creative and effective vehicle for conveying the men’s research into religious and secular history, philosophy, and science. Most of the discussions are brief and succinct, though the pace flags when complex scientific or mathematical discussions ensue. The lively, insightful dialogue is marked by teasing and good humor; it’s obvious that the men enjoy each other’s company, even while debating each other’s conclusions. Sherif also shares his dating life, and Christian finds ways to tease his younger friend. As the men’s dark secrets come to light, the book’s tension increases.

With its thought-provoking and civil exploration of the God question, the narrative brings seekers and thinkers of all stripes three enlightening gifts: a clear and logical process, detached from religion, to guide spiritual exploration; identification and explanation of the correct tools to be used in the search (neither science nor philosophy, both brain-based tools, are up to the task); and a vision of a future in which such exploration will inspire personal and social change at the deepest levels. It also carries a stark warning that those who are content to follow the dictates of their religious teachers, rather than undertaking spiritual journeys themselves, can be manipulated and led into destructive acts in the belief that they are doing “God’s will.”

While the exploration of the God question is compelling in and of itself, it is the gradual revelation of the secrets that the men bear that generates suspense. References to current events, including the background of US involvement in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and mention of the Trump presidency, make the story more relevant, while the fact that Christian and Sherif are involved in some of these events heightens tension."

Luke Gerwe, editor:

"Rethink God by Nadiez Bahi is an extraordinary work of what could be called a brilliant spiritual imagination. Set as a dialogue between two world-weary spiritual questers, Rethink God explores age old debates about the existence of divine creation with a fresh eye. Bahi deftly weaves together a survey of scholarship in the sciences, philosophy, and religion with pop culture—and the simmering backstories of the text’s two protagonists—to create a moving portrait of God’s place in human thought and belief. This is a book for all curious questers searching for a middle path between doubt and dogma."

Elizabeth Hess, editor:

"Rethink God in an inspirational journey unlike anything I've read before. It truly captures the essence of life and discovering yourself."